Our First Student Art Exhibition: Fledgling May 24 2019

Open for one weekend only, free entry Fri 14 - Sun 16 June between 10am-5pm and opening night Fri 14 at 6pm.

Fledgling 2019 is a special exhibition for our students to show the world, and themselves, the creative skills and talents they have cultivated.

Check out more details here

Don't miss out! Daily Artworks selling quick! May 03 2018

Did you know that every day I produce a piece of art? Yes I know, I'm a busy (creative) bee! I call these pieces my Daily Artworks. You can view my whole collection for 2018 thus far, here. Daily Artworks still available for sale, can be found here
Like a piece that's already been sold? That's okay! Email me at, tell me the title  and DA number of the piece you want, and I'll happily create a replica for you! 
You can also be one of the lucky ones to see these art pieces first, every day, by joining my Secret Art Collectors Club on Facebook!

New Prestige Art Collection Just Released May 12 2017

You can find this new collection of very special pieces under the Prestige item on the top menu of the art online shop.

For only the most discerning collectors, this is a gathering of the unique large original pieces that Jacqueline Hill is known for, featuring birds of prey in flight (the Wild Airport Series) and wild nature scenes from Fraser Island (the Island Wild Series).

The collection is small but will be added to over time as Jacqueline is making time to work hard on these this year. Each painting is long weeks in the making.

Let us know what you think of these artworks!

New artworks coming soon! April 12 2017

We have just finished photographing and pricing a pile of the latest artworks that have come out of the studio. We're just in the process of up.loading them all. We'll let everyone know in the email newsletter when they are available. Have you signed up yet? Here's the link: First come first served!

Join our new Art News Club and get a voucher to use in the shop! February 22 2016

Get a coupon to use to spend on artworks in the art shop when you join to our NEW newsletter club. Be quick! Runs out at MIDNIGHT on March 31, 2016