DA111 "Cuddle Time" Original Mixed Media Painting by Jacqueline Hill


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Master Willy and Miss Sophie would always fight to get into Roz's lap after their milk bottle. I love how they cuddle in together. Photo by Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue, used with permission and gratitude.

50% of the price of this painting will be donated to Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc and Wombat Hospital. Please share! We need to spread the word of their great work. They wouldn't be able to operate without donations.

DA-111 "Cuddle Time" (Baby Wombats) original mixed media on heavyweight watercolour paper, 23x30cm, apx 9x12". Painted in watercolour, graphite and pastel. Daily Artwork for Saturday, 21 April 2018 - Day No 111 of the year.