DA146 "Quokka Family" Original Watercolour Painting by Jacqueline Hill


Is it a cat? Is it a mouse? Wallaby? Kangaroo? Nope. Who is she? Do you know? I'll tell ya but ya have a guess first. The only member of the genus Setonix. She lives on Rottnest Island near Perth in Western Australia. 

They're the happiest looking animal in the world with that built in smile of theirs. But don't get any ideas about going in for a cuddle. They're endangered so it's illegal to touch them. Okokokok. You're right. They're quokkas.

DA-146 "Quokka Family". Original watercolour on heavyweight French cotton rag paper approx 36x26cm. Daily Artwork for Saturday, 26 May 2018 - Day No 146 of the year.


Price includes framing under glass with white frame (frame size apx 21x17" / 54x44cm)