DA177 "Tea With Friends XVI" (Buster the Tasmanian Devil) Original Watercolour Painting apx 36x26cm by Jacqueline Hill


This morning my cheekiest little mate Buster shoved his way through the door. He's the most devilish of Tasmanian Devil babies. I nearly wasn't going to let him sit in the warm dry teacup because he's such a boisterous little fella. He's been known to break a fair share of crockery in my house, and it's usually when I'm not looking. I do love him to bits though. Today he promised to sit verrry quietly and look as angelic as he could while I had another cuppa. I thought it might be ok since he wasn't in a ratbag gang with his brothers today. I kept my eye on him anyway.

DA-177 "Tea With Friends XVI" (Buster the Tasmanian Devil) original watercolour on heavyweight French cotton rag watercolour paper, apx 36x26cm. Daily Artwork for 26 Jun 2018, the 177th day of the year, so $177.