DA178 "Tea with Friends XVII (Tina the Mountain Pygmy Possum)" Original Watercolour Painting by Jacqueline Hill


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This morning I heard a tiny voice at the window (my friends aren't really good with doors). And goodness me if it wasn't my little friend Tina the teeny tiny mountain pygmy possum. I haven't seen her in such a long time. She said she was just passing through looking for a new house and she wondered if there were any mountains near here. I told her she had an awfully long way to go, so I'm going to give her a lift. She really liked the flowers on my cup and asked why they didn't seem to have any nectar in them. I brought her some fresh fruit and nuts to eat because we have to look after our critically endangered species, don't we?

DA-178 "Tea With Friends XVII" (Tina the Mountain Pygmy Possum) original watercolour on heavyweight French cotton rag watercolour paper, apx 36x26cm. Daily Artwork for 27 Jun 2018, the 178th day of the year, so $178.