DA182 "Tea With Friends XXI" (Missy the baby possum) Original Watercolour Painting by Jacqueline Hill


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Tonight I heard a tapping on the window and I had to let Missy the baby brushtail possum in. She was wide awake of course because it was night time. Hello, possum I said. She climbed into the warm dry teacup and asked me if I was sure she was a possum. I said of COURSE you are, silly, what on earth do you think you are? She said she thought she was maybe a kitten because she really likes curling up in the warm tonight with us. I gave her a piece of fresh fruit to cheer her up (because everybody knows bread is very bad for little wild animal tummies). She felt better then and bounced out into the comforting dark, up a tree and on her merry way. "Stay safe!" I called out after her.

DA-182 "Tea With Friends XXI" (Missy the baby possum) original watercolour on heavyweight French cotton rag watercolour paper, apx 36X26cm. Daily Artwork for 1 Jul 2018, the 182nd day of the year, so $182.