DA189 "Tulip Dance" (pink tulips) Original Acrylic Painting 12x10" / 30x24cm by Jacqueline Hill


I'm having so much fun painting impressionist brushstrokes again, after months of painting supa dupa accurate, neat n tidy trompe l'oeil murals! I'm determined to get my acrylics looking as juicy as my oils did in my 2015 #dailypainting #project365 challenge. I love how this one turned out. The tulips were opening so much they were starting to almost look like roses. But I tried to capture their colour - such a delicate pink!

DA-189 "Tulip Dance" (pink tulips) original acrylic on canvas board, 12x10" (apx 30x24cm). Daily Artwork for 8 Jul 2018, the 189th day of the year, so $189.