DA232 "Big Pink and Friends" (Geraniums and Daisies) Original Acrylic Painting by Jacqueline Hill


Hooeee I'm pretty excited about how this one turned out. I'm pushing myself to explore brand new colour combinations and I really like this one. I know, it's supposed to be a new theme this week but I just can't get flowers out of my system yet. Oh no!

This was painted from life today of a vase of Big Pink geraniums and little daisies. Mum is growing these amazing hot pink flowers in pots, aftergetting some cuttings from Chris Bodey from her beautiful garden. Thank goodness for green thumb girls!

DA-232 "Big Pink and Friends" (Geraniums & Daisies) original acrylic on heavyweight canvas paper, A3+ size (apx 30x43cm). Daily Artwork for 20 Aug 2018, the 232nd day of the year, so $232.