DA245 "Baby Wombat" Original Mixed Media (acrylic and pastel) Painting by Jacqueline Hill


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Who doesn't love a baby wombat. These guys are in trouble and where would they be if it wasn't for the amazing work of wildlife carers like Roz and Kev at Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc and Wombat Hospital, who rescue and rehabilitate orphans like this little one. 

I'll donate 50% of the sale of this painting to CCWR to help them with their wonderful work. They are really struggling with the drought right now, so please help them by donating to help save these little guys.

DA-245 "Baby Wombat" original mixed media (acrylic & pastel) on heavyweight canvas paper, A3+ size (apx 30x43cm). Daily Artwork for 2 Sep 2018, the 245th day of the year, so $245. SOLD. Donation made.