DA274 "Ninja Attack Kitten IIIo" Original Oil Painting apx 30x43cm by Jacqueline Hill


This is a style I've been wanting to do for a long time. Thank goodness for #project365#dailyartwork for the chance to do it. I'm pushing last week's favourite subject to the limit of the least amount of brushstrokes possible to still convey the image. It's surprising how much longer this takes than last week's method.

Here is little Gaia again, being a ninja attack kitten, playing with us when she was little. She was a very sproingy high leaper! 

This artwork will be up on sale for full price, with the rest of the Daily Artworks, at our Capture Exhibition here on Nov 10-18. www.artatheart.com.au/capture

DA-274 "Ninja Attack Kitten IIIo" original oil on heavyweight canvas paper, A3+ size (apx 30×43cm). Daily Artwork for 1 Oct 2018, the 274th day of the year, so $274. Easy Payment Plan available. Framing available (half price offer).