DA300 "Cat of a Thousand Colours" Original Acrylic Painting apx 20x25cm by Jacqueline Hill


To celebrate Daily Artwork number 300 this year, in the middle of colourful artwork week, I thought I'd bless you with one of my favourite subjects, painted as madly colourful as I could push it. Whoo! That was fun!

This painting started as one of my "Thousand Painting" series - a board filled with thick textured paint "leavings" scraped from dozens of palettes from previous works I've painted, so it's a bit special. Hope you like it. I LOVE it!

Special offer for Day 300: free framing

DA-300 "Cat of a Thousand Colours" original acrylic on canvas board, 8x10" (apx 20x25cm). Daily Artwork for 27 Oct 2018, the 300th day of the year, so $300. Easy Payment Plan available. Includes framing.