DA336 "Eucalypt Song" Original Watercolour Painting by Jacqueline Hill [OR]


I'm kinda in the mood for watercolour this week. I had fun with this one. Singing the song of Eucalypt summer. 

Includes framing. May be framed in white or black your choice.

Original Watercolour painting by Jacqueline Hill. Cropped: Cropped: 205 x 145 mm Frame: 380 x 330 mm

Framed in deep black gallery box with off-white mat under glass

DA-336 "Eucalypt Song" original watercolour on canvas board, frame size 38x33cm (artwork is A5 size). Daily Artwork for 2 Dec 2018, the 336th day of the year, so $336. Easy Payment Plan available. Price includes framing.