Masterclass - Guided Painting


For more info on THIS term's class, see the info page on this class.

Masterclass - for intermediate painters. Thursday evenings 6pm to 9pm over 5 weeks. Guided paintings with as much creativity as you feel comfortable bringing to each artwork, or just simply paint with me, following the steps I show you - and learn more amazing skills.

All materials included - no expense spared. We will be using premium bases and painting mediums to create larger paintings in all sorts of mediums and subjects. Suits intermediate painters. Be prepared to learn heaps and have a TON of fun!

This course includes mixed media and gold leafing. Suits people who have attended any Level 2 classes and want to go onto Level 3. 

Each 5 week course runs in two ways - You can either choose to paint 

  1. Free flowing - all your own creativity: Create a couple of small or large mixed media paintings using acrylics and all the mixed media supplies, from subject matter you bring, or
  2. More structured Step-by-step paintings. Join in with the teacher to explore some more structured methods of using the different mediums. Really taking your paintings up another level by incorporating all sorts of other mediums. Use your own subject matter or choose from some supplied by the teacher. We will also be exploring using different wet and dry mediums to draw in, on all sorts of mixed media backgrounds.

Gold and other metal leafing will be included in this course. Just choose which stream you want to do on the day. We will all work in the same classroom, so be prepared to be really inspired!

Term 3 Starting July 2017 is very exciting. This term we are going to explore how to break up your watercolours using other mediums such as ink, gouache, gesso, gold leaf, coloured pencils, aquarelle mediums, and calligraphy inks. The methods you learn will allow you to explore watercolour in a way that will be a total breakthrough - you will be able to finally let got of all the pressure and planning that traditional watercolour demands. It will really loosen you up so that you can "freewheel" with watercolour, using layers of semi transparent and opaque media that you may have never seen before. Inspired by several artists who have pushed the medium to its limits, you will come home with the most beautiful artworks and loads of inspiration for exploring watercolour in ways that you have never thought possible. Ideal for people who have used watercolour before, especially Level 2 graduates from our Learn to Paint Watercolour course. All subjects will be explored, in a guided, structured painting method. This is a very inspiring course, not to be missed. Get ready to be excited! For example images see the info page on this class.