Plein Air Workshop - How to Sketch & Paint Outdoors


Have fun learning all about drawing and scribbling out in nature - or anywhere.
Sat 3rd & Sat 17th June, 8am to 11am Brisbane West

*“En plein air” is French for “outdoors”. The impressionists were avid en plein air painters.

Ideal for people who have had some experience sketching and drawing and want to discover the excitement and joy of sketching outdoors. If you’ve attended any of our Drawing, Pastel or Watercolour courses or workshops then you will love this workshop.

How to find some peace while you’re on the run.  Take some time out for yourself in the peaceful outdoors. In this information-packed, practical, hands-on course you will learn all about how to approach an outdoors art session – all the secrets will be revealed! This will open up your eyes to see undiscovered joys in your surroundings. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a lifelong addiction!

It’s a totally different experience from painting from photos in the studio. There are all sorts of challenges that are easy to overcome if you are prepared with all the tricks beforehand. I have been painting and drawing outdoors in all mediums for many years and I have worked out all the tips to share with you to make it a really fun experience. I guarantee that you will grow as an artist and have an absolute ball.

You will learn what to pack, what tools are the best to use, how to pack light, what to look out for on location, how to set up, and loads of tips on how to approach the subject matter you see.

Saturday mornings, a fortnight apart – Sat 3rd June and Sat 17th Jun, both sessions run from 8am to 11am. Set your alarm to get up early to enjoy the delights before the rest of the world wakes up their sleepy eyes!

If you are really serious, you can make this a 3 weekend workshop for yourself, if you join in on the middle Sat 10th with a practice outdoor sketch at your own location (even if it’s in your own garden!) We will have a live messaging session for those who participate.

Session 1 is at the Art at Heart Gallery & Studio at Sugars Road, Bellbowrie. June's Session 2 is at Mount Coottha for our June workshop. I have discovered the most arty, inspiring little corners of nature there that you will just love. You will be itching to pick up your pencil.

In the first Saturday session at the gallery, we will cover all the practical aspects of drawing and painting outdoors, including materials, tools & checklists. We will also enjoy a real live practice session outdoors on the property.

Enjoy two weeks collecting a kit of your favourite materials together and then re-gather on the next date to enjoy a full session of outdoors sketching and painting. This is at the beautiful inspiring destination location which changes each month. We will provide all directions and an optional mini bus is available depending on numbers, so that everyone can gather together at the gallery beforehand. Come and join us for some great fun!


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